INTRAMUROS 4月刊|Luca Nichetto专访

INTRAMUROS 4月刊|Luca Nichetto专访

造作艺术总监Luca Nichetto作品登上法国杂志《INTRAMUROS》

Yesterday in Murano, today in Stockholm, tomorrow in Beijing ... It is almost ten years that Luca Nichetto, cosmopolitan and polyglot, crosses all territories of plural design. Without ever giving up on the new markets, the original transalpine multiplies the caps, alternately designer, scenographer, artistic director and always storyteller.

"I like to travel, to discover, to remain porous to any new experience, without ever forgetting where I come from. Italy is suffering more than any other country from an obsolete operational model that worked until the years 80 and 90. Over the past two decades, the world has evolved considerably, with the advent of new technologies, 3D printing and e-commerce to shake up our old reflexes, allowing us to sell quickly to the four corners of the world. A lot of new needs are still to be explored, and to travel around the world provides me with clues, gives me energy and allows me to identify what the future requires. "From this compilation of impressions and inspirations, I always try To project this information mingled with my identity towards an international scenario. "